Wealth In The Cellar

“Feels like someone walking in on a garage session. Very personal.”

Joe Dermody
Wealth In the Cellar Cover


Wealth In The Cellar
Demos and out-takes from the archives

℗© 2021 Serengeti Long Walk. All Rights Reserved.
Released January 2021.

01    Dead On The Bed Of Love (Demo 2008)
02    Layer Upon Prayer (Demo 2007)
03    Rainy Day (Demo 2009)
04    See What A Fool I’ve Been (Demo 2008)
05    I Like Your Legs (Demo 2009)
06    Not The One (Demo 2009)
07    The Rain Of The Night Before (Demo 2010)
08    Spare Me (Demo 2010)


All music and arrangements by Serengeti Long Walk.

(1)(5)(7) lyrics by Mick Duggan; (2) lyrics by Joe Dermody; (3) lyrics by Des O’Mahony; (4) lyrics by Mick Duggan, Ger Duggan & Joe Dermody; (6)(8) lyrics by Jon Heffernan.

Engineered by Des O’Mahony and Jon Heffernan.
Mixed and produced by Des O’Mahony.
Mastered by Pete Maher (petemaher.com).

Production Notes

Wealth In The Cellar is the fourth album by Serengeti Long Walk, released in January 2021. It comprises a selection of remixed demos and out-takes of songs some of which were originally written in the ‘80s (Dead On The Bed Of Love, Layer Upon Prayer, Rainy Day and See What A Fool I’ve Been) as well as newer songs composed by the band’s current line-up in the late ‘00s (I Like Your Legs, Not The One, The Rain Of The Night Before and Spare Me).

The recordings were made by the band between 2007 and 2010 at The Stables, Castlecove, Co. Kerry, during sessions that led to the band’s first album release Glimmerless.

Having entertained the idea of reforming in 2007, almost twenty years after their farewell gig at The Triskel Arts Centre in Cork, the band infrequently gathered at The Stables between 2007 and 2011 to revisit the old ‘80s material and to eventually begin to write new songs. A significant amount of old and new material was recorded by the band, though since it spanned a number of eras it did not all gel as a unit and 2012’s Glimmerless ultimately featured just a subset of this work eventually chosen to be mixed, produced and finished to a more polished standard for an album.

But many solid recordings remained, particularly of songs that hold personal value for one or more of the band. Some of these recordings were dusted off during the lockdowns of 2020, relistened to, tweaked and discussed during zoom calls, eventually resulting in a selection being remixed and mastered for release as Wealth In The Cellar. The aim was to preserve the demo-style “in the room” vibe of the original recordings, eschewing newer overdubs, excessive fixes or over-production.

Layer Upon Prayer is the earliest of the songs, one of the very first to be a standard of the band in their 1980s incarnation. The version here is essentially unchanged from that ’80s original.

Dead On The Bed Of Love was likewise a popular standard in the ‘80s and remains a favourite of the band’s closest fans, despite it never appearing on an official release to date. It has been played in many formats, the version here with saxophone being closest to the original ’80s style.

Rainy Day was composed in 1986 when the band was already established and gigging around Cork City. This version replaces the original clarinet theme with piano but is otherwise unchanged.

See What A Fool I’ve Been is of the same mid ’80s vintage, though it went through a number of changes and additions compared to the original version before settling on the format contained here.

The more surprising aspect of those early Stables sessions in the late ‘00s was the emergence of new material and the realisation among the band that a genuine reformation was underway, with a return to writing and gigging on the horizon. I Like Your Legs, Not The One, The Rain Of The Night Before and Spare Me as newer compositions show the band moving towards a more guitar-oriented sound and dropping the saxophone and (almost) funk-influenced sound of the ‘80s set.