The Band

Serengeti Long Walk originally formed in Cork, Ireland in the mid 1980s as a six piece of vocals, guitar, bass, drums, keyboards and saxophone. Having gigged around many bars and clubs in Cork over a 4 to 5 year period, the original line-up played their final gig to a packed house in the Triskel Arts Centre in October 1988.

And there it rested until 2007 when an effort was made to reunite and record for posterity the material that had never been properly laid down in the 80s.

Joined by a new drummer and swapping saxophone for a second guitar to give a more rock-oriented feel, the resulting retrospective album was the 2012 release Glimmerless. The band subsequently released an album of new material called Wave Signs in 2018.

In April 2020, the band released their third album, Live At Lian Club Rome, a live recording excerpt of their October 10, 2019 concert in Italy.

Watch Now – Come On! Live in Rome – recorded at Lian Club, Rome on October10, 2019. Filmed by Sara Fralleone and Barbara Baldigari of Sara Fralleone Photography. Sound by Duncan O’Cleirigh of Blackwater Studios. Introduction by Susanna Mazzoncini.

Serengeti Long Walk are

Ray Clifford (drums), Joe Dermody (guitar), Ger Duggan (vocals), Mick Duggan (keyboards), Jon Heffernan (guitar), Des O’Mahony (bass).

Photography by Sara Fralleone Photography.