About Us

Irish band Serengeti Long Walk originally formed in Cork in the mid 1980's as a six piece of vocals, guitar, bass, drums, keyboards and saxophone. Having played around many bars and clubs in Cork over a 4 or 5 year period, the original line-up played their last official gig in the Triskel Arts Centre in October 1988. And there it rested until 2007 when an effort was made to reunite and record for posterity the material that had never been properly recorded in the 80s.

Sporadically between 2007 and 2011, original and new material was recorded in an isolated farmhouse in Castlecove Co. Kerry and in Bweeng, Co. Cork. The new material was a surprise to us all. Saxophone gave way to a second guitar and the sound evolved to a more guitar-oriented feel.

The line-up now consists of five of the original six members, plus a more recent recruit on drums:

  • Joe Dermody / guitar
  • Ger Duggan / vocals
  • Mick Duggan / keyboard
  • Jon Heffernan / guitar
  • Des O'Mahony / bass guitar
  • Ray Clifford / drums


The current album "Glimmerless", released on 26 October 2012, features a number of older songs from the original 80s set (Talking In Clichés, Gravity, Restless, Maybe) that have been somewhat modernised but remain largely recognisable. The rest of the album is newer material recorded recently. You can listen to previews of the album on iTunes using the link on the right.

Lyrics and liner notes for the album tracks are available at these links:

All songs and arrangements by Serengeti Long Walk. Produced and mixed by Des O'Mahony. Mastered at Summit Studios Dublin by Fergal Davis. Glimmerless is available via digital distribution on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify.

The cover of the "Glimmerless" album features artwork by Irish artist Noelle Noonan entitled "Between Eternity and Time". For more information, visit www.noellenoonan.ie

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